2017 Nominee

Walt Price had the original idea and was a key member in the group of founders that created the Mountain Goat Run in the 1970’s.

Walt used to teach a 6 AM fitness class at the YMCA where he would hand out ribbons to anyone capable of running three minutes without stopping. Not long after, the group of novice runners started running regularly near Columbus Circle or to the old Archbold Stadium, slowly increasing distance and speed.

Eventually, Price’s YMCA fitness group started climbing all major hills in Syracuse, which are the true building blocks of the Mountain Goat Run we know today: Woodland Reservoir and city parks such as Thornden, Schiller and Burnett Parks. This original course was called the “Supergoat” due to its 17 to 18 miles in length.

In April 1979, Walt Price was then amongst the creators of the “Syracuse Run for Fun” with about 800 participants. This spring event sparked interest in the local community and soon grew to become a popular, annual run known as the “Mountain Goat Run” -which is celebrating its 43rd consecutive year today in 2021.

Walt Price would never take credit for having the initial idea of the Mountain Goat Run, but we recognize that it would not exist without him. Walt truly deserves to be recognized for the positive impact he had on the greater Syracuse running community and the Mountain Goat Run itself.

Walt Price picture at Goat Statue.jpg