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2020 Nominee

Joe Fischer was an active and influential Co-Race Director of the Mountain Goat Run in its early years. With Tom Lynch, the two were instrumental in making the race successful the initial years when it was managed through the Downtown YMCA.  Joe brought to the role an appreciation of what a good race should be.  He and Tom Lynch took the race organization to a new level, emphasizing runner safety, crowd control, water and food distribution, Syracuse China awards and volunteer appreciation.  In addition, he coordinated race communication with the Post Standard, RAGS, Police, City Officials and volunteers.  

Joe Fischer began his Mountain Goat history as a long-standing member of the YMCA and its Board of Directors. He ran the 10 mile course for many years and inspired his wife Lillian to join him in later years. His organizational abilities, honed from years in management at the New York Telephone Company, proved invaluable for well-organized race planning. Joe kept meticulous records of the details of managing the race that proved essential and highly effective year after year. The logistics of the Mountain Goat are significant and his attention to detail was invaluable.

Joe has also been a running inspiration to many people in the area. Not only through his annual participation in the Mountain Goat, but also in running more than 15 marathons over the years, he inspired many others at the Y in leading a healthy and rigorous life.