2017 Nominee

It takes more than athletes to make a race and it was very important to the Mountain Goat board of directors that organizers, civic leaders and volunteers were also recognized. Without them, there would not be a 10-mile Mountain Goat Run in Syracuse. William Nurk is the first of three individuals from this group that will be inducted into the Mountain Goat Run Hall of Fame.

Bill Nurk served in the Syracuse police department for 37 years, many of which were spent in coordinating safety and traffic control for special events like the Mountain Goat Run. Holding a 1o-mile run through the city of Syracuse that crosses over 100 city intersections is no easy task. But even though the race was held on Saturday morning for many of the years under Bill’s watch, he made it look easy.

Never getting rattled, showing more patience than humanly possible, and having the ability to work with an all-volunteer race committee, other city agencies, and the public means Bill should be inducted in more than one Hall of Fame. Today, we only have one Hall of Fame and it will have to do.

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